India as the best destination for outsourcing healthcare services

There are many healthcare services in India to which it is possible to outsource all the back office services which are related to healthcare organizations. Most of the healthcare services provide end to end services, which can serve all the needs of healthcare providers like physicians and entire hospitals. They even serve all the needs of the payer segments like TPA and insurers, which are present in the healthcare market.

There are many benefits of outsourcing back-office services needed by healthcare organizations to BPOs present in India. Let’s look into some of them.

India is the best destination for outsourcing

There are many studies which have already reported that India can be the best destination for outsourcing back-office services in healthcare organizations. Indian BPO, as well as IT industries, have already extended the leadership and India has already grabbed more than 65% of the share when we consider the global IT services which have been offshored. Along with this, India also earned over 46% in the global BPO market. When we consider global outsources, most of them choose India for outsourcing healthcare BPO, and this is the reason India has become the number one choice when it comes to outsourcing healthcare BPO.

There are many outsourcing destinations which take care of medical transcription, medical coding, medical billing, healthcare software services, teleradiology, and many more in India.

India and healthcare expertise

Among all other healthcare BPO services which are enabled by IT were the services which were outsourced to India a long time back. This was the beginning, and today, India is completely skilled in its workforce, and there are huge human resources which are trained specially in this area. There will be a team of certified, trained, and skilled healthcare BPO which will handle all the outsourced healthcare services.

Most of these BPO services from India are good at providing competent, proficient, and accurate healthcare services or BPO to the healthcare organizations from all other countries.

India and its matured market

The Indian market has already proven its capabilities in the healthcare BPO sector. This market has substantially matured, and this is the main reason most healthcare organizations prefer this market. There are many factors which tend to work together in this Indian market, and this is the reason they successfully provide the cutting edge in the healthcare business. So, they are the best in serving outsourced services to global customers. Along with these, India is one of the first countries to pioneer taking up medical transcription outsourcing.

Indian market is well known for

  • Medical coders who are AAPC trained
  • Compliant processes mainly HIPAA
  • They follow medical billing and medical processes and procedures which are based on knowledge and regulations from the US government
  • They always use software applications which help them in streamlining the workflow
  • Indian market always keeps college trained, educated, and skilled operations team which has the best experience in the domain

Most of the services hire the best professionals, and hence, the team is highly matured and skilled. This is the reason they form an experienced, proficient, trained and highly skilled professionals for providing healthcare BPO services. There will be teleradiology teams which are dedicated to providing competent services since they are licensed and certified.

India and its largest, highly skilled pool of workforce

When we compare the Indian market to other countries such as China, India has over a double number of skilled human resources which has basic capabilities required for jobs in BPO and IT. This is the best part of the Indian market to choose it as a destination for outsourcing healthcare services.

  • When we consider engineers in India, over 25% of them come with the basic skills needed to take up offshore IT jobs. This may be 10% when we consider Russia or China
  • When it comes to capacity in higher education, India, comes in third place in the entire world
  • Today, India is producing over 2.5 million graduates (which is the highest population of graduates in the world)every year

These are the benefits and positive things which the Indian market is featuring, which is not present in any other market in the entire world. So, there is no doubt that India is capable of serving all kinds of outsourcing services of the globe. Along with this, the India market always services with best business ethics.

India and it’s Secured networks, best infrastructure

The broadband connectivity in India is of superior quality along with best and secured networks. To accompany this, India also provides the best breed of infrastructure. So, it offers infrastructure and technology which are of world class. These are all the reasons because of which India can provide best and high-quality services in healthcare BPO for global customers. One can always expect the best service since value is given to punctuality and training and the given word because of india’s traditional roots.

Because of the infrastructure, which is technologically advanced, India can support with best quality healthcare BPO to the healthcare organizations. Most of the services also provide stringent measures when it comes to security. When it comes to security, there are many measures which are treated as best.

  • There will be physical restrictions when it comes to accessing the network center and even work area
  • All the services follow firewall protection for their internal network from world wide web
  • There will be a virus protection system which is enterprise-wide
  • All the services will have a digital certificate on authentication
  • Every user will be given screensaver passwords, a unique login
  • There will be random screening for emails which are sent with attachments

Growing BPO- ITES market in INDIA

The market in India mainly BPO industry and other services like telemarketing and support are growing and reaching their best when it comes to revenue. So, there is a great future in India for healthcare BPO services. Along with this, even the IT market is experiencing the best revenues in recent years.

India and healthcare BPO services

India possesses all the necessary skills which are needed for providing a wide range of services in healthcare BPO along with all the required technology and talent. India has many companies with more than 20 years’ experience in medical transcription and medical billing. Most of the BPO services offered in India are,

  • Charge entry
  • Processing of medical claims
  • Medical billing
  • Medical Coding
  • Teleradiology
  • Accounts receivable
  • Processing claims
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Clinical services
  • Medical animation
  • Management of patient records along with EMR
  • Software required for impact analysis
  • Medical transcription
  • Medical Scribe

Along with these, there are many other benefits like time difference from other countries, which helps in finishing the work overnight on time along with serving them at the affordable cost. There is always an Eagerness to learn and adapt to any new technology in the graduates who come out of college in India.

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