How Outsourcing EMR services saved me – A small practice manager

Hello everyone. Today I am going to share one of my experiences with all of you. We run a medical practice with four practicing doctors, and we have two other staff attending to physicians and patients. I am the billing and practice manager of this office. Apart from the official documentation, we also had to do all the EMR entries and filing manually.

It was exhaustive, messy, and extremely time-consuming since we had to check and recheck everything. The staffs had to work even on Saturdays and Sundays, and also had to take the burden of work to home during the weekends. We had to spend almost the whole day in the office.

We used to arrive at the office very early in the morning to attend to some EMR work such as printing and arranging all the sheets before patients start coming. And we had to stay back till the night completing the rest of the formalities. Our family life got chaotic. We could not spend any quality time, and depression gradually grasped us!

During such a traumatic scenario, one of my friends suggested outsourcing EMR services. At first, I was pretty shocked to know whether it was legal or even possible or not. Then I got curious and intrigued, and one fine morning, I contacted the EMR outsourcing agency. Their professional staff learned the work pretty quickly and started doing most of the EMR entries and filing for us.

Now our staffs get to engage mostly in patient and physician interaction, which is not much hectic. The patients, too, are happy because they don’t have to wait in the queue for long. The staffs too don’t complaint anymore for the work pressure. We all enjoy our weekends with our families. No more early morning rush or late night dark circles! Everything just worked like magic. As if peace is restored to the world!

The same company also provided a few minor works in billing, for instance, charge entry, payment posting; denial follow-ups, etc. This reduced my burden too. I can concentrate on the major billing and administrative duties, and there are no more threats of pending bills. The doctors too are extremely happy because we now have an increasing number of patients over the past month since we started outsourcing.

In this blog, therefore, I intend to inform and make aware to all of you about EMR services and EMR services outsourcing so that you can understand the difference between manual hazard of recording medical issues of a patient and technological fluency of EMR software. It will also help you to opt for the EMR service provided by this company, which will reduce half of your burden and tension.

Limitation of the Conventional Method

The traditional pen and paper-based medical record have many limitations. Although this conventional method was useful in the earlier age to solve medical problems, record the details of the patients, tracing the healthcare procedure. Nevertheless, it is quite messy in this modern age of technology. These manual records are quite often poorly indexed and sometimes erroneous. Often one’s handwriting may not be legible to the others, which create further troubles.

The primary disadvantage of employing this method is that of accessibility. This handwritten medical record can be accessed by only one person at a particular moment.

What is EMR?

Electronic Medical Record or EMR is a system is an electronic record which gathers, arranges and maintains the health-related information of an individual and thereby delivers substantial benefit both to the physician and the patient.

Purpose of EMR Software

This Electronic Medical Record Software can help you to maintain all of your medical records effectively. Utilizing EMR software will enable you to overcome all the disadvantages of the conventional manual method. EMR software-generated records can be accessed by many people at the same time. EMR software also eliminates errors, unnecessary fragmentations, and faulty indexing.

The EMR software is also able to include the changes and difficulty regarding the medicines. Alongside the EMR software also exhibits other critical information about healthcare practices and other regulations. It is incredibly user-friendly as well.

Advantages of Availing Outsourcing EMR Service

  • EMR service is extremely cost effective and can help on the savings of transcription, data recording, and also proofreading. The other advantages include easy portability and its easy authorization procedures.
  • Outsourcing EMR service reduces the workload enabling the physicians to utilize their time with the patient without spending more time in front of the computer.
  • The PDA user interface in the EMR software captures all the bill details related to the hospital visits and ensures that not even a single billing information for the patient party is lost. This feature helps the doctor to keep track of their appointments during rush hours.
  • The EMR software is great as a transcription tool. In this EMR software, a summary of the patient’s health condition can be placed to view its specific details. This helps the doctors to get a fast review of the patient’s condition. Your patients, too, will easily obtain the results of their tests. Thus it helps to enhance the functionality and swiftness of your healthcare practice.
  • The EMR service company ensures all the security concern, confidentiality, and adheres to the HIPAA policy. All the files are password protected, thus restricting illegal operation. It stores data according to the normative regulation acts. Hence you will face no legal problems.

Thereby outsourcing EMR service ensures fast and beneficial results without compromising the quality.

EMR Modules Employed in the Outsourcing EMR Service

EMR software employs multiple modules including Patient Demographics Module, Appointment Scheduling Module, Medical Billing Module, Authorization Manager Module, Administration/Security Module, Charting Module Messaging Module, Archiving Module, Drug Interaction Module, Fax/Scanner Integration Module, DICOM Images Module, and Reports Module.

The information provided by this outsourcing EMR service is presented in a clear, compact, and precise manner. Now you can save your time and effort by merely availing an outsourcing EMR service. Their data transcription can be fruitfully merged with your existing model without any hazard. I am the authentic achiever of the benefits of outsourcing EMR service.

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