Front office staff haunted by computers and EMRs in healthcare

Today in many countries use of communication and information technology for the healthcare sector is becoming very common. The governments from all over the world invest in the marketing and implementation of information and communication technology. The clinical systems available today help in performing functions like complete medication management, results storing and viewing, order entry, and mainly clinical documentation. There are many benefits of implementing these technologies in hospitals. It has impacts on the operation of the entire organization, delivery of healthcare, and along with this, there are many in patient outcomes as well. It also helps in enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and providing the highest safety for patients. Computers in healthcare play a crucial role in maintaining marketing strategy and business growth.

Healthcare and usage of computers:

When it comes to implementing available information technology in healthcare, the first thing that comes to mind is using computers for the front office. Whenever a patient visits a healthcare organization, he communicates with front office staff at the first point. If there are no simplified technologies, staff in the front office will get stuck in their computers. This may result in patient dissatisfaction. Along with this, when there is no proper organization, staff may always be in pressure as well as anxiety which may result in the creation of non- congenial environment in the entire organization.

  • This is the reason information technology system available for the healthcare should be adequately implemented, and through this, it is possible to free up the front office with patient-friendly computers. This avoids patient turn – up coming down just because they get dissatisfied by front office staff.
  • These innovations were meant for the improvement of staff productivity and involvement in other works. The main reason behind this is enough computers or required technology measures to help them. Otherwise, when they do not have enough staff to help them, doctors feel uncomfortable and unhappy. When technology satisfies their needs in the office, it ultimately lessens the number of office staff too.
  • In some healthcare organizations, enough work for front office staff to complete like EMR are required daily. When they do not have the best technology implemented, they may need to work overtime to complete their work. So, most of the EMR work demands staff to work extra hours daily, and they may have to finish a few things on the same day because of billing related items to get updated.
  • Due to these issues, most of the front office staff will end up in job dissatisfaction. They can never be happy with the job which demands extra hours from them. This will also affect healthcare organization badly since for the completion of the pending work they may end up hiring more and more staff. If they do not think of hiring more teams, they may end up in other issues like incorrect data entries which always results in dissatisfaction. However, such mistakes can lead to dire consequences.

At this point, the best solution which the organization can come up with is to update the technology and skill set. EMR data entry along with extra management work is the way to go. Such initiations can help in utilizing the team available optimally. When there is less work pressure in completing given work, ultimately the workplace becomes more of a good place to be with and thus gives better productivity.

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